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FAQs - Grant Application Questions - Christian Foundation Grants | Christian Foundation Grants

Faith Based Non Profit Grants

faith based non profit grants

Frequently Asked Questions: Securing Faith Based Non Profit Grants

What is Christian Foundation Grants? 

Christian Foundation Grants (CFG) offers online access to fundraising tools and resources to bring success to your search for faith based non profit grants. CFG provides faith-based non profit organizations the fundraising direction they need … in one place.  We have narrowed the 100,000 US nonprofits to our database of 4,400 funders that consistently fund ministries like yours. CFG provides:

  • updated and current research on all types of contributers
  • direction to develop an aggressive funding program
  • sample faith based non profit grants proposal templates 

What is the faith based non profit grants process? 

Securing faith based non profit grants consists of five main steps:

  • Compile background information reflecting your ministry
  • Subscribe to a foundation search database
  • Determine funders with values and mission matching that of your organization
  • Study and get to know the funders you have selected
  • Write your proposal for faith based non profit grants
  • Submit and wait 

What are foundations and how do they work?

  • Private Foundations are nonprofit organizations and spend nearly 85 percent of their income directly for exempt activities. Funds are managed by the foundations trustees or directors. 
  • Corporate Foundations are created by a for-profit company to support its community in a way that complements the goals of the business.  The company’s foundation may be a separate entity funded through ongoing contributions or endowments as opposed to the company’s optional benevolence fund used for smaller donations.

What questions do beginners frequently ask when seeking faith based non profit grants?

We have a list of the most popular questions beginners ask followed by our in-house expert’s answers.  Please click here to find the questions and answers for seeking faith based non profit grants.  

How do I subscribe and what is the cost? 

A subscription to Christian Foundation Grants is $129 per year. Click here to subscribe.

Why should I subscribe? 

Securing many types of funding is an essential part of a healthy funding strategy for any organization. Sorting through foundation profiles to determine whether they accept applications and provide faith based non profit grants is time-consuming.  CFG has done that for you by narrowing our grant makers accepting applications and those who fund faith based missions.  As a subscriber you will:

  • have access to grant maker profiles
  • have the ability to identify the grant makers most likely to fund your project or program quickly and efficiently
  • have access to sample proposals, templates, and fund raising resources 

How quickly can I begin using my subscription to find faith based non profit grants ? 

Once you complete the order form and pay by credit card, your subscription will be activated immediately.  Usernames and passwords will be emailed directly to new subscribers. 

What level of customer service can I expect from CFG? 

Developing and maintaining a reputation for excellent customer service is one of CFG’s hallmarks and an ongoing mission. CFG is committed to delivering responsive person-to-person customer service in a timely manner.

Will I have access to foundations that provide faith based non profit grants to international organizations?

There are nearly 100 that specifically state international giving as an interest. However, there are many more who may take an interest in international projects, as evidenced by their sample grants. If a foreign organization partners with a US organization, they can receive grants through them, so this expands the amount of foundations one can apply to beyond 100.   

If you have additional questions, please contact our faith based non profit grants team or click on Contact Us at the top of any page.

We are committed to helping you secure faith based non profit grants for your worthy non profit organization and your questions help us provide better resources.

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